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30A Date Night – The Best Date Night Restaurants Accessible by Golf Cart

30A Date Night – The Best Date Night Restaurants Accessible by Golf Cart

30A Date Night – The Best Date Night Restaurants Accessible by Golf Cart

If you’re looking for a unique and fun date night idea, look no further than 30A! This scenic stretch of coastline is home to some of the best restaurants accessible by golf cart. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, Italian, or seafood, these restaurants will not disappoint. So load up your golf cart with your significant other and hit the road for a date night you’ll never forget!

Cafe Tango

Cafe Tango on 30A - Romantic Restaurants on 30A Accessible by Golf Cart

Photo Credit @: Cafe Tango Facebook

The most romantic ambiance on the Gulf Coast can be found in one of the older cottages on Scenic 30A, Cafe Tango. The cozy dining area’s exposed brick walls and distinctive lighting give it a Mediterranean Old World feel.

The menu offers a variety of decadent options to go along with your romantic evening. Rich and buttery pan-seared foie gras served on toast with a port wine glaze, the Basque fish, which showcases our region’s abundance of fresh catch while paying homage to the traditional Spanish saute method, and the Chimichurri steak, which features smoked paprika butter and Argentinian herb sauce, all transport you to the Mediterranean. And there is a ton more, including lamb and pasta.

A number of specially chosen Spanish varietals, including Malbec, Tempranillo, and Albarino, are included on the wine list, which is designed to complement the restaurant’s local cuisine. If you’re unsure, ask the knowledgeable service staff for help finding the ideal bottle for your meal with a Mediterranean flair.

Surfing Deer

Surfing Deer strives to pay homage to the early years of Seagrove Beach and the spirit of adventure that predominated at that time as one of the most energetic restaurants along the Forgotten Coast. The New American cuisine-focused Surfing Deer is clearly under the control of this spirit.

The menu at Surfing Deer has pecking, grazing, and feasting sections that are as playful as the restaurant’s name. Selections give customers a taste of all the local seafood, including grouper, snapper, shrimp, and more, all prepared with a Southern flair. Additionally they offer a daily selection of meats and other food items so you can always find something fresh.

Cafe Thirty -A

Cafe Thirty A - 30A Romantic Restaurants

Photo Credit@: Cafe Thirty-A Facebook

Cafe Thirty-A stands out for its magnificent architecture, flawless design, and even better food. For anyone who values a gourmet experience, you should absolutely have Cafe Thirty-A on your list of romantic restaurants on 30A. 

This is a wonderful place to celebrate with that Special someone because of the exceptional service and creative dishes that use premium ingredients like quail and octopus and pair beautifully with your favorite chardonnay or prosecco.