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Sales & Service

New and Used Golf Carts

We Only Sell Brands We Use

Unlike our competitors, we only sell carts and brands that we use in our Rental Fleet. In 2023 we ran a rental fleet of 60 carts and in 2024 our rental is expanding to over 100 carts. Needless to say, we cannot rent out unreliable brands, and brands that have insufficient warranties and customer service departments. This is why we only sell carts that we use daily in our rental fleet. With these brands, we have dealt with every situation imaginable and have tested their warranties, customer service, and ability to get parts. 

We Deliver Nationwide

When you buy a Golf Cart from Street Legal Golf Carts, it doesn’t matter if you live in Panama City Beach Florida, Casper Wyoming, or Nashville Tennessee we will deliver. 

We offer free Delivery from Pensacola Beach to Port St. Joe, Florida. We also offer reduced delivery fees throughout the entire state of Florida. 

Premium Carts & Customer Service

Much like our rental business, Street Legal Golf Carts has been built on the principles of premium carts and customer service. 

The Biggest Golf Cart Showroom in Miramar Beach/Destin

Street Legal Golf Carts is the proud owner of the largest Golf Cart showroom in Miramar Beach and Destin. In 2020 we launched our Sales division, Street Legal Golf Carts, out of a small storage unit in Blue Mountain Beach. Four years later, after outgrowing multiple locations across Miramar Beach and Blue Mountain Beach, we now proudly reside in the old Howse Furniture building off Geronimo and Highway 98. At any point in time, our 10,000 sq ft showroom is home to over 50 carts ready for sale. 

Purchasing For A Rental Property

Warranty-Backed Reliability

  • Every cart comes with a warranty that covers rental usage.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re investing in durable, rental-ready carts.

Trusted by Professionals

  • The same high-quality brands we sell are trusted in our own fleet of over 80 rental carts.
  • We don’t just sell them; we use them daily in our rental business.

Streamline Your Rental Agreements

  • Use our proven Rental Agreement as a template.
  • Easily include Golf Cart usage in your property rental contracts.

Annual Maintenance Plan for Longevity

  • Keep your carts in top condition with our comprehensive maintenance plan.
  • Full-service shop and mobile service team at your disposal.

Buying A Golf Cart For Personal Use?

If you are buying a Golf Cart for personal use, we have got you covered. At any given time we have over 60 carts in our Miramar Beach showroom ranging from as low as $4,000 up to $35,000+. 

We have carts for any budgets, personalities, and uses. 

Do you need a cart simply to get to the beach and back? Perfect, we have the cart for you.

Do you want a luxurious Golf Cart with all the bells & whistles at an affordable price? Perfect, we have the cart for you! 

Live in Seagrove Beach and want a Golf Cart with an audio system that can be heard from Rosemary Beach? Perfect, we have the cart for you! 

Do you want the biggest badest Golf Cart in your neighborhood? Perfect, we have the cart for you! Best yet, if that cart isn’t bad enough for you, we will custom-build one to your liking! 

At Street Legal Golf Carts, we do it all, from boring to extraordinary.