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Range of Our Gas Street Legal Golf Carts

Our premium gas golf carts are all about convenience and extended range. With a full tank, you can expect an impressive range of about 200 miles. Considering that 30A is only 24 miles long, you could realistically cruise up and down 30A about eight times before needing to refuel.

What type of Gas do I put in a Premium Gas Street Legal Golf Cart?

No need for premium gas here! Our golf carts run smoothly on regular unleaded 87 gas, making them easy and affordable to fuel.

Where can I get Gas if I am renting on 30A?

If you’re renting on 30A, there are only a handful of gas stations to choose from:


  1. Seagrove Beach Tom Thumb
  2. Dune Allen Beach Tom Thumb
  3. The gas station next to Blue Mabel in Grayton Beach
  4. Chevron by Shades Bar & Grill in Inlet Beach (note: you’ll need to drive through the Shades and Grill parking lot, as golf carts aren’t allowed on Highway 98)

Where can I get Gas if I am renting in Destin/Miramar Beach?

If you’re renting in Destin or Miramar Beach, there are plenty of convenient options for you as well:


  1. Circle K Gas Station on Scenic 98 in Miramar Beach
  2. Tom Thumb off Holiday Rd in Miramar Beach
  3. Circle K Gas Station off Hutchinson St in Destin
  4. 76 Station off Matthew Blvd in Destin
  5. Murphy USA by Walmart in Destin (note: you’ll need to access from commons drive because golf carts aren’t allowed on Highway 98)
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