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Street legal golf carts can be driven from the causeway on the east end to the National Seashore on the west end on both Gulf Blvd and White Sands Blvd. They are not allowed on the Navarre Bridge Causeway, so we deliver the cart directly! Remember to obey all traffic laws and buckle up! If a child uses a carseat in a car, they will need one in the golf cart. Also, driver’s must be of legal driving age (16) and have a valid driver’s license.


Navarre Beach

Map of Golf Cart Routes in Navarre Beach


Unique Family Adventures

Navarre Beach is tucked away in the historic Gulf Island National Seashore. Begin the journey into nature at the Navarre Beach Marine Park. It’s an amazing place to learn more about marine life and experience it first-hand. Let the golf cart charge in the sun while you and your family dive underwater to explore the near-shore reefs teeming with turtles, dolphins and more.


Hop in the golf cart before the family is awake, and watch a sunrise while fishing at the Navarre Pier. The ¼ of a mile long bridge is the longest pier on the Gulf. Every kind of fish, from a recently caught Great White to the more common Amberjack and Red Snapper.


If fishing isn’t appealing, take the whole family for a short, breezy ride in the golf cart to Juana’s Pagodas. Juana’s has everything from classic seafood to yummy drinks. Relax and watch the kids play on the beach or dance the night away. Want seafood with some spice? Broussard’s is just a quick jaunt down the road in the golf cart. Its Cajun-influenced menu is sure to please.

Back to Nature

Load up the golf cart with supplies and take the family exploring through the National Seashore Park. It’s uncrowded, pristine beaches are ideal for walking, shell collecting or just quality time with family. A solar-powered golf cart helps reduce your carbon footprint while visiting these unique and protected beaches.

Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals FAQ

We offer premium electric golf cart rentals with lithium batteries which give the driver UP TO 30 miles of use per charge! Additionally, lithium batteries recharge in under 4 hours instead of the 8-10 hours of standard lead acid batteries.
Please read this one in detail because this is why STREET LEGAL GOLF CART RENTALS is different from our competition. No, you may not drive "golf carts" over the bridge. Golf carts can only be driven on the beachfront road in Navarre Beach. However when you rent a street legal golf cart from us, our carts have license plates and are legally registered Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). Which means as long as the road has a speed limit of 35MPH or less, you can drive an LSV on it. You may go over the bridge and directly into the Burger King parking lot to then go to Winn Dixie and restaurants. However, you may NOT drive on Navarre Parkway, that IS PROHIBITED.
At Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals (Street Legal Golf Carts), we currently only offer 6 Passenger Premium electric carts. However we will be offering 4 and 8 passenger carts in 2023


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