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Alys Beach Golf Cart Rental Ban

Alys Beach - Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Photo Credit @: Alys Beach

In 2018, Alys Beach officially banned the use of golf carts and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) in their community. This ban came into effect on December 31st, 2018, and applies to both Alys Beach guests and residents.

Golf carts and LSVs are not allowed at Alys Beach with exceptions for ABNA agents and employees while performing their duties.

During peak vacation season we routinely have to deny Golf Cart Rentals to Alys Beach visitors. This is especially hard on families, especially those with small children who are looking for a relaxing and fun way to get around and enjoy their vacation.

We understand the decision that was made by the community, but we wanted to make you aware so you can plan ahead for your next visit to Alys Beach.

Alys Beach Detailed Golf Cart Policy

Alys Beach Golf Cart Policy - Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Photo Credit @: Alys Beach

Is There Anyway to Rent a Golf Cart in Alys Beach?

Yes, but you must meet Alys Beach’s necessity-based requirement and obtain a permit for a Street Legal Golf Cart Rental. It is important to note that even if you get approved for a Golf Cart Rental in Alys Beach, you are limited to only a 4 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart. For more information contact the Alys Beach General Outreach number, (850) 213-5500.

Alys Beach’s Zero Tolerance Towards Golf Carts

Alys Beach - No Golf Cart Parking Anytime - Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

For those 30A vacationers not staying in Alys Beach, but looking to explore Alys Beach or Rosemary Beach via Street Legal Golf Cart Rental, unfortunately, that is not an option. Both Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Golf Carts. We call these two communities, Drive-Thru Communities.

You are allowed to continue on State Road 30A straight through both Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach on your Street Legal Golf Cart, however, you may not make any stops, in their shopping centers, grab a bite to eat, or simply park and enjoy the sites and sounds. This policy is strictly enforced by local community enforcement.

So, the next time you are on 30A and think about grabbing a Street Legal Golf Cart Rental to explore a little bit more of 30A, remember to check the local communities’ Street Legal Golf Cart policies first!

Easy Address Lookup For Alys Beach

Don’t know if you are staying in Alys Beach. Take a look at these Street Names and double-check your 30A Vacation Rental’s Address. If you are staying on any of the following streets, then you are staying in Alys Beach and will not be able to rent a Street Legal Golf Cart.

  • Caliza Lane
  • Featherbed Alley
  • Governors Court
  • Kings Castle Court
  • Kings Castle Court
  • Ladybug Court
  • Lemon Hill Alley
  • McGee Drive
  • Nonesuch Way
  • North Castle Harbour Drive
  • North Charles Street
  • North Somerset Street
  • Sea Garden Street
  • Sea Venture Alley
  • Seven Wells Court
  • Silver Sea Court
  • South Charles Street
  • Spice Berry Alley
  • Sugarloaf Alley
  • The Lucian
  • The May
  • The Whitby
  • Whalebone Alley
  • Whitby Court

Street Legal Golf Carts Safety Video

A MUST HAVE for your next girls’ beach trip!! The cart was so much fun! The customer service was impeccable! Friendly & knowledgeable staff. We will definitely be reaching out to Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals to book again for our next trip to the beach!
Julianne C-T

They got us a cart even though we decided last minute to rent one and made sure everything that was needed was with the cart already. Very quick to reply to all messages and answered all questions we had. The golf cart was very nice and looked brand new when we got it, made getting to the beach very easy and painless. Very friendly and easy to deal with made everything very enjoyable! Would recommend this company to anyone looking to rent a golf cart.
Robert Perkins

We had a great experience w Street Legal Golf Carts – we got premium carts – complete w speakers and all, they served our large party really well! They were so fun – a must on 30A! They dropped them off as promised and pick up was seamless. Highly recommend!
Susannah McMonagle

4 Seat
Golf Cart Rental

Mar. 1 - May 20, 2023
1-4 Days: ($595)
5-7 Days: ($695)

May 21 – Sept. 7, 2023
7 Days (Week Rate Only) ($795)

Golf Cart Rental

Mar. 1 - May 20, 2023
1-4 Days: ($695)
5-7 Days: ($895)

May 21 – Sept. 7, 2023
7 Days (Week Rate Only): ($995)

6 Seat GAS

Mar. 1- May 20, 2023
1-4 Days: ($795)
5-7 Days: ($995)

May 21 – Sept. 7, 2023
7 Days (Week Rate Only): ($1095)

8 Seat Electric

Mar. 1- May 20, 2023
1-4 Days: ($895)
5-7 Days: ($1095)

May 21 – Sept. 7, 2023
7 Days (Week Only): ($1,295)

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