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Green street legal golf cart for rent in Destin Florida

We provide street legal scooter rentals to families traveling to Florida’s Emerald Coast, Destin, and State Road 30A. We deliver to as far west as Navarre and as far east as Panama City Beach, Florida. Did you know that 95% of Destin is accessible with a street legal scooter? Renting a scooter is similar to a car rental. Parking is always tight. When you rent a scooter, you have more options to find a spot to park. Take your electrics scooter shopping, to a restaurant, to the beach, or for some ice cream. All of our scooters are street legal and are registered vehicles with the state of Florida. They have DOT seatbelts windshield and wipers. These scooters can be driven anywhere with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour or less. On our scooter, you can cross roadways that are above 35 mph, like US Hwy 98.

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Electric Scooter Rental Prices

Jan – May

1 Day: $100
3 Days: $275
7 Days: $450

May 15 – Sept 5

3-5 Days: $395
6-7 Days: $550

Sept – May

1 Day: $100
3 Days: $275
7 Days: $450

Tax of 7% will be added to all rentals.

Rental Info

All you need to know about selecting and renting a street legal electric scooter.

Four golf carts for rent in Destin Florida

We Deliver and Pick Up

One of our friendly delivery drivers will meet you at your location to deliver your electric scooter. And we will unload it give it a safety check and provide you with a quick lesson on how to drive the scooter and where you can go. We can also provide you with recommendations on some of the local hotspots and hidden treasures of Destin and the 30A. Our Service areas include 30A, Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Seagrove, Inlet Beach, Grayton Beach.

Destin family driving golf carts

3 Wheeled Electric Scooter

The iTank is easy to use and fun to ride. It’s a matter of getting on, twisting the throttle and GO! This electric scooter means you can use it in every aspect of your daily life that requires some mode of transportation. The iTank can easily replace your car. Simply get on and avoid traffic all together. Arrive at your destination sweat-free and invigorated.

Destin family driving golf carts
Family near Destin Florida walking on the beach

Rental Policies

Renting a street legal electric scooter is very similar to renting a car. To rent a scooter you need to be a licensed driver, you have to be insured, and be over 21 years old. There are some unique situations that exist here in Destin and along the Emerald Coast. Check out the rental policy page to get the lowdown on all you’ll need to know about successfully renting a street legal scooter in Destin Florida.


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5 Reasons To Rent A Scooter on Your Destin/30A Vacation

Whether you are planning your very first trip to the Destin or the 30A or are already a frequent visitor, you may be asking yourself if renting a scooter is really necessary to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The answer is absolutely yes! If you need a little more convincing, check out these five reasons that having a scooter will make your trip easier, more enjoyable, and more memorable.

1. Parking is a Breeze

The Emerald Coast is a popular vacation spot, and finding parking can be a problem. This is especially true on State Road 30A. You don’t want to waste any of your precious vacation minutes driving around aimlessly hoping for an empty spot to appear. Instead, you can hop on a scooter and find parking with no hassle. This allows you the ease of walking to the beach, the grocery store, or a restaurant without the struggle of lugging your stuff by hand or fighting in the parking lot for space. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. Be Economical and Green

Electric scooters save money and the environment! Gas-fueled scooters take much less fuel than their automobile counterparts, and there are electric options that are even more economical. Save money and the environment in one shot!

3. Fit in with the Trendsetters

If the idea of driving around in a scooter fills you with images of out-of-touch seniors on the links, you haven’t been around Destin lately. scooters are trendy, and you’ll see everyone from 20-something party-goers to families to retirees zipping about in style and ease.

4. Get Your Ride Delivered (and Picked Up) at Your Door

Your scooter rental can be delivered and picked up at the doorstep of your rental property, making it a completely convenient way to get around. You don’t need to worry about tracking down a rental location or getting it turned back in on time. Once you get here, the rest is taken care of for you.

5. See the Sights

Street-legal scooters are allowed on any county maintained road where the speed limit is under 35 miles per hour. In addition, many of the privately-maintained roads in the area have rules allowing scooters as well. This means that you can get to just about anything you need via scooter. Go to the beach, the store, a restaurant, or your friend’s house. Don’t think about it as a quick joy ride. It can truly be your primary transportation during your stay.

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