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Seagrove Village Market on 30A

Seagrove Village Market on 30A

About Seagrove Village Market

Seagrove Village Market Cafe - Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Photo Credit @: Seagrove Village Market

The Seagrove Village Market Café has been a fixture in the Seagrove Beach community for 73 years. For many families who vacation along Florida’s scenic Highway 30A, it has turned into a tradition. Every year, generations of visitors come here to eat and shop for souvenirs.

The menu at Seagrove Village Market hasn’t changed all that much in its 73-year existence. Their renowned hamburgers and grouper sandwich are still on the menu. To keep customers coming back for more, however, they have also added a few other options like po-boy sandwiches, healthy salads, and fish tacos.

In addition to serving up delectable food, they are renowned for having some of the best merchandise along 30A.

Make sure to browse the market for t-shirts, hats, and other vintage Seagrove and 30A memorabilia.

Does Seagrove Village Market Have Parking for Street Legal Golf Carts?

Yes, Seagrove Village Market does have parking for Street Legal Golf Carts! Like most restaurants and shops along 30A they don’t have specific Golf Cart parking they just have regular parking spaces that can be occupied by either regular cars or Street Legal Golf Carts.

Seagrove Village Market Location


2976 S County Hwy 395 #6302, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459