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A few communities along County Hwy 30A have made the decision to ban golf cart rentals. Among these are Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Watersound and Seaside. However, street legal golf cart rentals are allowed in the two communities that are immediately next to Seaside; Watercolor and Seagrove. This makes it important to be familiar with the boundaries and guidelines for golf cart use in and around Seaside, FL.

Rules and Guidelines for Golf Carts in Seaside, FL

Golf cart rentals are not allowed for vacationers in the residential area encompassing Seaside, FL. Driving and/or parking your golf cart along these residential streets is also prohibited and could result in a citation and a fine. These roads include Natchez, Odessa, Pensacola, W. Ruskin, Seaside Ave, E. Ruskin, Savannah, Tupelo, Robert’s Way, Grayton, Butler, Forest, Venice Circle and Wakulla. Please note, you are solely responsible for any citations or fines attached to our rental golf cart during your rental period.


The Seaside Town Council has determined that they will allow those with “physical disabilities or other documented medical needs” to rent a golf cart during their stay. If you think you or someone in your group may qualify for this exception, you’ll need to reach out to your vacation rental company to see if you are eligible.

Where to drive your Golf Cart in Seaside, FL

Street legal golf carts are allowed to drive the full length of County Hwy 30A. You can drive and park your golf cart along Quincy Circle and Semolian Circle. There’s even a charging station on the main circle near Airstream Row.

Load up the crew in your street legal golf cart and cruise on 30A to Seaside’s Town Center. Seaside is nestled amongst the pines and palms along this beautiful scenic highway and has plenty to do for every member of your family. Everything you want to experience in Seaside is within walking distance of any parking spot on either Quincy or Semolian Circle.

Where to Access the Beach in Seaside, FL

The beach access points all along the southern border of the community of Seaside, FL are for owners and renters of Seaside, FL proper only. If you are staying on property, your rental will come with a beach access wristband that you must wear to access the beach. 

If you aren’t staying in Seaside proper and want to visit these beaches, you can park your golf cart in either circle and visit Bud and Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant and Bar.  Enjoy any of the classic Florida dishes at this local’s favorite and wander down to the white, sandy beaches to take in the view. 

For a day at the beach, those in Watercolor and on the west end of Seaside can head over to the Van Ness Butler Jr. Regional Beach Access. Those on the east end of Seaside and in Seagrove can access the beach at the Santa Clara Regional Beach Access. Both access points have plenty of parking, restroom facilities and are easily navigated to in your street legal golf cart rental.   

If you’d like to explore more of 30A, there are more than 50 beach and lake access points along the scenic highway. Your street legal golf cart can take you to many beautiful spots to paddleboard, fish, and kayak or relax, or capture beautiful photographs.   

RED = Cannot rent or drive a golf cart if renting a home here 

BLUE = Where you can drive a golf cart in the red area. You can drive outside of the red area.

Where to get Groceries in Seaside, FL

If you need to grab some quick supplies, jump in the golf cart and head over to Modica Market. A longtime staple of the Seaside community, this family-run market has some groceries, prepared foods and yummy pastries. 

If you need to load up on supplies, zip the golf cart over to the Publix at Watercolor Crossings. They are a full sized grocery store with some beach supplies, too! Emerald Coast Wine and Spirits is in the same shopping center and has a great selection of wine, beer and spirits. There’s plenty of parking and several other shops to visit. 

Where to get Seafood in Seaside, FL

There are several seafood restaurants within the town of Seaside. Bud and Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant and Bar has a lovely deck for a sunset view. The Shrimp Shack has classic fried seafood baskets and is amongst the market shops in Seaside. 

On the Seagrove side of things, Seagrove Village Market has a yummy dine-in or take-out menu and a selection of wine and beer. Watercolor boasts Fish Out of Water, an upscale, market driven restaurant. 

All of these delicious Florida seafood spots are easily accessible with your street legal golf cart rental. Parking is a breeze and the rides will be too when you cruise your family down 30 in your rented golf cart. 

Where to Shop and have Family Fun in Seaside, FL

Seaside has many cute boutiques, art galleries and fun stop-overs for kids. Scoot everyone over to Seaside in one of our six-seater electric or gas powered street legal golf cart rentals for a relaxing afternoon of sun and shopping.

Between Heavenly Shortcakes and Ice Cream and Dawson’s Yogurt and Fudge Works, you’ll find a sweet treat for everyone. Walk over to Airstream Row, where you’ll find quick bites for lunch. From crepes to southern bbq, it’s the perfect spot to refuel while shopping Seasides’ cute boutiques. 

Duckies Shop of Fun is a must for the kiddos. Find beautiful, casual beachwear at The Seaside Style or something to read at the beach at Sundog Books. Seaside truly has something for everyone. 

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