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Smooth Sailing: Navigating Seaside’s New Parking and Transportation Plan For 2023

Smooth Sailing: Navigating Seaside’s New Parking and Transportation Plan For 2023

Are you getting ready to make unforgettable memories in Seaside this year? The town center is brimming with award-winning shopping and dining, and it’s the perfect destination for families and friends looking to unwind and explore. Whether you’re planning to drive in for the day, bike into town for the afternoon, or catch the complimentary shuttle, the town of Seaside has got you covered.

Seaside’s Pay-by-the-Hour Rate

Over the years, one of the biggest complaints about Seaside has always been the lack of parking or the difficulty in finding a parking spot. However, Seaside has taken extensive measures to ensure that your visit is smooth sailing, including conducting multiple parking and traffic studies and soliciting input from top-notch parking consultants. In 2022 after experimenting with various paid parking methods, Seaside launched a user-friendly pay-by-the-hour rate structure that will go back into effect on March 1, 2023. Their parking rates will vary based on the day, occupancy levels and events to make sure you can find available parking with ease, and that their parking lot is managed efficiently.

Where to Park in Seaside

Seaside visitors will have the option to park their vehicles or Street Legal Golf Carts on Smolian Circle, just like last year. Signs around the circle will help them identify their designated parking zone. Visitors can then input their payment information and license plate number for the allotted parking time. To make the parking experience seamless, The Passport Parking app can be downloaded in advance, enabling visitors to reserve and pay for their parking space prior to arrival.

Download Passport Parking App

Short-Term Parking in Seaside

Visitors can refer to the map below to locate hourly parking spaces on Smolian Circle and identify the complimentary 1-hour and 15-minute parking areas for quick stops. If visitors are staying in the Seaside Town Center, their vacation rental agency will provide them with a parking pass that grants them access to designated parking areas for the duration of their stay.

2023 Seaside Parking Map

Photo Credit @: Seaside Florida 

Increased Shuttles, Bike Racks, and Golf Cart Spaces

Golf Cart Parking in Seaside

In order to facilitate transportation for visitors, Seaside has increased the number of shuttles, bike racks, and Street Legal Golf Cart spaces. The complimentary shuttle service is available on a daily basis from 6 a.m. to midnight and picks up visitors on the east side of Highway 283 in Grayton Beach, at a public parking lot across from the Shops of Grayton. To board the shuttle, visitors can park in the lower lot and wait for the shuttle to arrive within 15 minutes. The shuttle then drops off passengers under the Lyceum Archway in the center of Seaside. This service is accessible to all guests and employees.