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Where can I park a Golf Cart on 30A?

Where can I park a Golf Cart on 30A?

On about 90% of 30A wherever you can park a car, you can park a Street Legal Golf Cart. There are of course exceptions to this rule and just because an overwhelming majority of 30A is Golf Cart friendly doesn’t mean you should assume you can park your Golf Cart just anywhere.

There are two rules for Parking on 30A

Parking a Golf Cart on 30A involves understanding two key rules: knowing where you can park and where you can’t.

You can park a Street Legal Golf Cart anywhere you can park a car

In the state of Florida, Street Legal Golf Carts are regarded as motorized vehicles, which means that wherever a car can be parked, a golf cart can be parked as well. The same parking rules that apply to cars also apply to Street Legal Golf Carts.

However, you should always be aware of and respect all parking rules and restrictions. Make sure to heed any “no parking” signs and avoid parking near fire hydrants, both for the safety of yourself and others. Moreover, parking in handicapped spaces without a placard is strictly forbidden, just as it is with cars.

No parking in Alys or Rosemary Beach, Golf Carts are banned in these communities

Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach are the exceptions to our 90% rule; they make up the other 10%. Since 2014, these 30A communities have banned golf cart use, excluding security guards and community workers.

You may drive through these towns on a golf cart, but you must stay on 30A. Side streets and neighborhoods are off-limits, and infractions can result in fines, tickets, or towing.

Additionally, you are not allowed to park in their parking lots and leave your Golf Cart there while shopping, walking, or doing other activities.

The simplest way to put it, if you desire to go to Alys Beach or Rosemary Beach, forget the Golf Cart.

Bonus Tip, Seaside has two Golf Cart parking lots

For renting Street Legal Golf Carts and planning day trips in Seaside, just know that the beach town of Seaside is arguably the most Golf Cart friendly area in all of 30A. The beach town of Seaside is not to be confused with the actual Seaside Town/HOA…which is as far from Golf Cart friendly as possible.

Seaside features two large Golf Cart parking lots on both ends of the Town Center. The first lot is located at the West End of the town center, right in front of the recognizable Vin Scully portrait.

The second lot is situated at the East End of the town center, directly across from the well-loved Cocina Cubana restaurant.

Both of these dedicated parking lots make Golf Cart parking in Seaside a breeze.