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Where To Get Sushi On 30A Via Street Legal Golf Cart

Where To Get Sushi On 30A Via Street Legal Golf Cart
Where to get sushi via street legal golf cart rental on 30A

Are you planning a trip to 30A, Florida and craving some sushi? While the area has plenty of sushi restaurants to choose from, getting around can be challenging due to the narrow roads, small parking lots, and traffic.

However, with a street legal golf cart, you can easily navigate the area’s narrow roads and tight parking lots while enjoying some of the best sushi around. Here are three sushi restaurants that you can easily access by golf cart and are sure to satisfy your sushi cravings:

Old Florida Fish House – Seagrove Beach

If you’re a sushi and seafood lover visiting 30A in Florida, you won’t want to miss Old Florida Fish House. Named a 30A Hot Spot in 2019 for Sushi/Asian cuisine, this restaurant is famous for its unique, fresh and delicious creations. Headed by Chef Thomas Stukenburg in the kitchen and DJ McCracken at the Sushi Bar, the team at Old Florida Fish House works hard to create the “perfect” bite every time. With an array of seafood, sushi, and drinks to choose from, you can order something new every time you visit!

Located right off one of 30A’s Coastal Dune Lakes, the outdoor atmosphere at Old Florida Fish House is magical. The endless, glowing fairy lights and scenic dock provide the perfect setting to enjoy a meal outdoors. With a dedicated kids play area, it’s a great spot for families to have some fun before dinner. Indoors, you’ll find a stage that hosts an array of local musical artists, as well as a sushi bar that offers a variety of high-quality ingredients from around the world. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy at Old Florida Fish House.

Basmati’s Asian Cuisine – Blue Mountain Beach

Basmati’s Asian Cuisine, located in Blue Mountain Beach, is another sushi restaurant on 30A that you can easily access by golf cart. With a unique and creative sushi menu, Basmati’s fuses fresh local ingredients with Asian flavors to create dishes that offer pleasant surprises. While they’re known for their sushi, they also offer Asian-inspired fusion dishes and Gulf coastal favorites like their Panko Red Snapper and Firecracker Grouper. The intimate candlelit atmosphere and quaint screen porch make it the perfect spot for a quiet dinner for two or a communal celebration.

Nanbu Noodle Bar – Grayton Beach

For sushi enthusiasts, Nanbu Noodle Bar in Grayton Beach is a must-visit spot on 30A. Chef Nikhil Abuvala, the owner of the fine dining restaurant Roux 30A, created Nanbu Noodle Bar as a way to bring fresh, clean, and healthy cuisine to the area. The restaurant offers a variety of sushi dishes that put a unique twist on traditional favorites. The sushi menu includes unique creations like poke bowls, stir fry, and fresh Sushi.

With its colorful decor and extensive sake menu, Nanbu Noodle Bar is a trendy spot to grab a bite to eat. The restaurant is easily accessible by street legal golf cart, making it a fun and convenient way to explore the culinary scene on 30A.