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Street Legal Golf Carts – Can They be Driven on Sidewalks or Bike Paths?

Street Legal Golf Carts – Can They be Driven on Sidewalks or Bike Paths?

You see them all up and down 30A and Destin. People driving their street legal golf carts around town whether its for helping doing errands, taking the family to the beach or just out for a Sunday cruise.

If you spend on enough time driving down beach roads such as 30A and Scenic 98 in Destin you will also a lot of people driving their Street Legal Golf Carts in places and on surfaces they aren’t legally allowed too, such as Sidewalks and Bikepaths.

One of the biggest NO NOs when it comes to operating a Street Legal Golf Cart or a Low-Speed Vehicle is that you must keep them on the roadways.

Golf Carts are not allowed on Bikepaths or Sidewalks EVER!

Absolutely No Golf Carts on Bike Paths - Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

In the eyes of Florida law Street Legal Golf carts are considered Low-Speed VEHICLES and are not allowed to be driven on sidewalks or bike paths.

Getting caught driving your Street Legal Golf Cart on a sidewalk or bike path can result in a hefty ticket that you the renter are responsible for paying.

So, next time you’re tempted to take your Street Legal Golf Cart for a joyride down the sidewalk or bike path, think twice!

Stick to the roads of 30A and Scenic Highway 98 where Street Legal Golf Carts are permitted and everyone will stay safe and your checkbooks will thank you!

To learn more about Golf Cart safety and the rules of road for Low Speed Vehicles watch this safety video from Street Legal Golf Carts below!

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